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One Time Donation

Monthly Donation

Starting in fall 2020 we partnered with New Bethel AME Church, New Life Ministries and the #IAMTHECHURCH coalition of churches in Gadsden county, FL to send produce from our farm to families in need. We raised money to cover our overhead to grow, harvest and pack produce for the food pantries. The project has been a success and we aim to continue it into the 2023-2024 season. A monetary donation of any size is greatly appreciated and will go directly to feeding our community. Thank you for your donation. 




Please know, we are a for-profit business and your gift is not tax deductible

Thoughts on Charity

We encourage anyone who is able to contribute to this initiative. Charity during the ongoing covid-19 crisis is essential, but is by no means the long term fix for food insecurity. We are researching existing organizations led by farmers and community leaders who work on food insecurity to learn how we can better support these efforts. We believe part of the solution is access to land and capital for current and future black, indigenous, and other farmers of color who have a long and well documented history of being systematically denied access to both. As we continue to learn about these efforts we will share through our website and social media what we learn and how we all can become involved. Meanwhile, we will continue growing the best produce we can while caring for our soil, ourselves, our community, and employees.

Thanks for eating your veggies!

Katie & Aaron

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