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Jobs at Full Earth Farm

We have a small crew here at Full Earth Farm but we do hire employees as needed throughout our long season. We are actively attending farmers markets and selling through our CSA program October through June. We take a break in the summer to recoup and rejuvenate for the upcoming fall season. Our farm is located in Quincy, Florida which is about 25 miles west of Tallahassee.

Necessary Skills

While we do not require our employees to have prior farm experience, we are looking for folks who have some sort of outdoor work experience. We work in all weather conditions at the farm and need our team to be able to take the heat and not melt in the rain. We are also inclined to hire people interested in learning about sustainable agriculture and local food systems. We see hands on learning as the best way to gain a full understanding of raising vegetables for market.

Current Positions

No positions currently available

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