Full Earth Ferments! 

The only thing better than fresh vegetables are fermented ones! We are excited to be adding seasonal ferments to our product list. We use our own farm grown produce to create these delicious probiotic foods. We use a process known as lacto-fermentation which uses salt as the catalyst for fermentation. Through the fermentation process any bad bacteria can not survive the salty environment and low pH, where as good bacteria that aid digestion thrive. Lacto-fermentation is one of the oldest methods of preservation and happens to pack a probiotic punch that is nothing but good for us. Studies have shown that fermented cabbage is more digestible and your body will gain more from it when it is fermented compared to raw or cooked. 


FUN FACT: Sauerkraut was used on long haul ships to prevent scurvy!

Fermented products are available for purchase through the RHO Market and Saturdays at the Tallahassee Farmers Market (2904 Kerry Forest Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL).


Classic Sauerkraut SOLD OUT!  Ingredients: FEF Cabbage and Salt. 

Carrot Sauerkraut coming winter 2021


Kimchi coming fall 2020. 

Kimchi is a spicy fermented vegetable medley that hails from Korea. It is delicious on it's own, but is maybe best used as a condiment to enhance your meal. Our kimchi is made from a variety of farm veggies including Chinese cabbage, chili peppers, radishes, carrots, garlic and ginger from Turkey Hill Farm. Our  recipe is vegan unlike the traditional Korean recipe. 

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce coming fall 2020. 

Our hot sauce is made from our own serrano and tobago chilis and is lacto-fermented before heated with vinegar to make it shelf stable. We love this medium heat hot sauce.

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