CSA Terms & Conditions

Please read this document before you join our CSA program.


Our CSA Philosophy

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of farming that does away with middle men and connects community members (consumers) directly with the source of their food (the farm). CSA members become farm subscribers, purchasing by the season upfront. Members share in both the bounty and the risk of farming. Farmers benefit from a more steady income throughout the year and commit to supplying the CSA members with a variety of vegetables throughout the season. The CSA is prioritized above all other sales outlets in terms of quality and variety. Full Earth Farm is not just a delivery service. We plant, tend, harvest, and pack all of our crops on-farm, and then deliver to one of several pickup locations. Your subscription is a contract to receive produce as advertised in the subscription option you choose.

CSA Seasons

Here in North Florida we have a long growing season. We break it up into three runs, and take a break mid-summer. This down time gives us and the soil some much needed time for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.

  • Fall Season: October-December

  • Winter Season: January-March

  • Spring Season: April-June



Starting in Fall 2018 season we will be using an online software (Farmigo) to help us better manage our CSA. The software has been in use for several years by farms just like ours around the country.  You will be able to register, pay and make scheduling changes all through your CSA account. We accept payment by credit card and e-check. Auto pay is available for both payment methods. Monthly payment plan is available and can be managed in the CSA member’s online account.


Payment for all share options is required before the first pick up.

Share Options

All share bags are the same size. Fall, winter and early spring bags are valued at $20 each, whereas spring (May & June) bags are valued at $25, due to heavier and higher value produce in season at that time of the year.

  • Full Share: Pick up every week of the season

  • Half Share: Pick up every other week of the season

We offer rolling registration, and prices will be prorated based on number of pick ups remaining in the season.

Pick Up Locations

  • Whole Foods Market Tallahassee: Thursdays 5pm-Friday 9pm

  • Levy Park Porch (for Levy Park neighborhood residents only): Thursdays 3-9pm

  • Damfino’s Café & Market (Quincy): Thursday open hours

  • There is no Saturday market pick up at this time.

Whole Foods and Damfino’s are donating the space and the staff to retrieve your share for you.  Please pick up during the designated pick up times. If you have any problems with your pick up location please tell us! fullearthfarm@gmail.com


Do not leave CSA payments at any of the pick up locations! We may never find them.

Changing & Missed Pick Ups

If you need to change a pick up to a different day or location please schedule that through your CSA account, or send a friend or neighbor to pick up for you. Shares not picked up during the posted time will be taken home by staff or sent to the Food Bank.


Cancellation & Refunds

Signing up for our CSA is a commitment for the time period stated in the share option you choose. At the end of that period you are under no obligation to renew. We do not issue refunds for missed CSA shares.

With that said, we understand that there are circumstances that may require a cancellation or refund to be allowed. If something changes unexpectedly in your life and you need to cancel your CSA (you’re moving, medical or family concerns etc.) please email us or call so we may discuss: fullearthfarm@gmail.com (850) 567-1493.



We communicate with our CSA members using email. Should we have an issue and need to get in touch right away, we will call you. We send out a brief CSA newsletter via email to you with each pick up, typically the day before Any billing issues regarding your account will be emailed to you. Make sure fullearthfarm@gmail.com is not going to your spam box!



Your information is private. Your payment information entered in our CSA software is encrypted and safe. The limited information we and Farmigo have about you will never be shared, sold, or used in any way other than what is necessary for managing our CSA program.